The Corfu Trail

The Corfu Trail was established in 2001; the creation of Hilary Paipeiti. As she explains in her book ‘The Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail’, Hilary could think of nothing more boring than walking for miles and miles in the same landscape. However, we are happy to tell you that Corfu has a fantastic variety of landscape and scenery which will more than keep boredom at bay.

Over its entire 220 km length, the Corfu Trail winds through many untouched and unspoiled parts of the island. To the south where the terrain is flatter, large beaches and sand dunes prevail. The central part of the island consists of rolling countryside and cooling olive groves. The wilder north is much more rugged and and mountainous. As the highest peak is over 900 m, there is a fair amount of climbing to do!

Although it is possible, certainly in the south, to walk without a guide, there are still several places where the trail isn’t clear and many hours can be wasted going the wrong way. In the north particularly, markings are unclear and the way difficult to see and we think a guide is preferable to self guiding here. Also. the weather can be difficult in this area so local knowledge of the path is a plus.

We think the optimal time to do the trail is over a 10-day walking period. Starting from the south going north will give you the chance to get yourself ready for the more strenuous mountainous section. As recommended in Hilary’s guide, we have split the walk into 10 sections. We base our holidays in Stavros which is near the middle of the island. The walk goes through this village.

The advantage of staying in one place throughout your stay is that you don’t need to live out of a suitcase. You can unpack and relax, knowing that at the end of a day’s walk you just have to have a shower and relax.

We also recommend a break in the middle of the walk. A day off is a great way to unwind and do something different. You can choose to have a day on the beach, explore Corfu town or perhaps something more strenuous like mountain biking. The island has many paths and roads that just beg to be explored by bike.

Our holiday includes accommodation, full board (drinks not included), a complimentary tour of Corfu Town with a guide, free transfer to and from the beach or mountain bike centre. The cost of bikes is not included.

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