• AI comes to Corfu

    We’ve got a new 24/7/365 chatbot. Come and say “Hi!” He/She/It won’t bite.

  • Accommodation on the Corfu Trail

    A warm welcome awaits you at our beautiful cottage on the mountain of Stavros along the Corfu Trail.   At The Olive Press, we offer bed and breakfast for two people. We are conveniently situated nearly halfway along The Corfu Trail, which passes our doorstep. Stay with us for one[…]

  • Cheap Flights Website and iOS Mobile App

    We’re very excited to be working on a new section of the site at travel.walkthecorfutrail.com to help make finding cheap flights a doddle and even have an iOS mobile app for you too. Check out travel.walkthecorfutrail.com/app/ios/

  • Rain, rain and more rain. Oh, and wasps.

    Back in Corfu for the second half of the hiking season, I was greeted by thunderstorms and rain on a biblical scale.   I don’t mind particularly mind the rain – it doesn’t last long and keeps the landscape verdant and beautiful – but the big downside of Corfu at[…]

  • Neology rules!

    As one who teeters constantly on the verge of being hangry, hankers for wine o’clock, enjoys bants and finds manspreading intensely annoying, I was intrigued to see ‘Grexit’ make its appearance in the online Oxford Dictionary.  Like, awesomesauce, bruh! (That’s enough now – Ed)  #oxforddictionaries