• Rain, rain and more rain. Oh, and wasps.

    Back in Corfu for the second half of the hiking season, I was greeted by thunderstorms and rain on a biblical scale.   I don’t mind particularly mind the rain – it doesn’t last long and keeps the landscape verdant and beautiful – but the big downside of Corfu at[…]

  • Neology rules!

    As one who teeters constantly on the verge of being hangry, hankers for wine o’clock, enjoys bants and finds manspreading intensely annoying, I was intrigued to see ‘Grexit’ make its appearance in the online Oxford Dictionary.  Like, awesomesauce, bruh! (That’s enough now – Ed)  #oxforddictionaries

  • Autumn Hiking in Corfu

    Have you seen our autumn Corfu hiking itinerary? Contact us today to avoid disappointment as demand in the cooler months promises to be high.  

  • Scorchio

    It’s hot, hot, hot in Corfu and so I am back in the UK for a few weeks of rain and relaxation. Back soon.

  • Caught between a rock and a hard place

    You’ve got to feel for the Greek people. They vote in an anti-austerity government, vote ‘no’ in the recent referendum and yet after a flurry of rhetoric and posturing on all sides still end up with that same government agreeing to a brutal bailout deal which will have devastating financial[…]

  • Oxi

    Well, what an interesting week this has been. After the ‘Oxi’ vote, we are waiting to see what happens next.  On the face of it, not much has changed in Corfu:  there is still money in the cash points, petrol at the petrol stations  and food on the table.  OK,[…]

  • Breams can come true

    Presenting Spiros Karidis in Boukari – a little gem of a restaurant right by the sea in Boukari. Instead of a menu, expect to be shown to the fridge where you can choose your own fish.  Friendly service. We went for sea bream, simply grilled, with home-made chips and a[…]

  • Taverna Agni

    One of my favourite restaurants is the Taverna Agni, looking out over the oligarchs’ yachts bobbing expensively in the clear water of the bay at Agni, on the north-east coast.  The food there is just outstanding, particularly the halloumi, courgette fritters and prawn saganaki; the service friendly and attentive.  Check[…]

  • Sheep may safely graze. Again

    Let joy be unconfined: Kostas’s lost sheep have re-materialised. Why? Who knows. Suffice to say, Kostas is delighted and isn’t enquiring too closely as to where the sheep have been and why their abductors have suddenly changed their minds and shoved the sheep back through the hole in the fence[…]