Sheep may safely graze. Again

Let joy be unconfined: Kostas’s lost sheep have re-materialised.

Why? Who knows.

Suffice to say, Kostas is delighted and isn’t enquiring too closely as to where the sheep have been and why their abductors have suddenly changed their minds and shoved the sheep back through the hole in the fence they created in the first place.

Could it be that Kostas has inadvertently expiated whatever slight/crime/sin he equally inadvertently committed in the beginning? Possibly.  It’s more likely, IMHO,  that the hassle of hiding six sheep just got too much and there wasn’t enough room in the freezer to dispose of the evidence.

Corfu eh? Bloody hell!


By way of an addition to the above, I have been referred to the recent ‘Shaun the Sheep’ movie in which Shaun and his bleating furry friends end up on an adventure in the Big City (™) following various mix-ups involving a farmer and a caravan (don’t ask – I am merely reporting what I have been told)!  Anyhoo, the sheep end up back home thanks to Shaun the Sheep’s good offices, presumably never to roam again.





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