Well, what an interesting week this has been.

After the ‘Oxi’ vote, we are waiting to see what happens next.  On the face of it, not much has changed in Corfu:  there is still money in the cash points, petrol at the petrol stations  and food on the table.  OK, you have to pay in cash and not by credit card but, hey, we all knew that.

So what else can I tell you?

Firstly, what a bizarre and meaningless referendum question.  So the bigger question is do Greeks want to leave (a) the Euro and (b) the European Union.

My guess is that the answers are (a) Yes and (b) No.

There is precisely no love in the room for Germany and there is no fear of a return to the drachma.  The popular view is that the drachma will be better for Corfu and better for the tourists.   The Greeks think that the Germans are trying to bully them and they aren’t having any of it.

So we are now wating to see who blinks first.



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